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The MineOnline Launcher

MineOnline is a no nonsense pre-release launcher that does all of the heavy lifting for you.
Simply login, pick a version or a server, and play!


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Like Brand New

With the MineOnline API, everything has been restored. You can see your skin and cloak, join servers in online mode, hear sounds, you can even save maps online.

The old web applets now run buttery smooth as desktop games with the features you'd expect from a standalone, like fullscreening, resizing, fov, GUI scale and screenshotting; the launcher just adds those features in with no mods at all!

Discord and Minecraft Servers

Along with this project I am hosting a beta 1.7.3 server and with various pre-alpha servers from time to time. If you are interested in joining, testing, or just following the project, join our discord server!